This is the first of what I hope will become an ongoing series of MINDBODY tips & tricks. In my capacity as Co-Founder of Turnstyle Cycle and O2M Fitness, I’m constantly working with MINDBODY’s software as both a business owner and consumer. Today’s post is a bit of a selfish plug; however.

Almost all studios that use MINDBODY have a late cancel and/or no show fee for Unlimited members who fail to show to class. Up until recently, processing these manually was required. For those who have access to MINDBODY, there’s this huge thread full of requests for this functionality. Now, there’s a way!

O2M recently launched our Studio Tools product, which allows MINDBODY fitness studios to automatically charge their customers for late canceling and/or failing to show to a class all-together. We built the first version of this at Turnstyle years ago, and decided to rebuild the software last year and offer it to other studios as a service. Check out the O2M Studio Tools Late Cancel service.