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Business builder and technologist in the software, cloud services and fitness industries. Founder and technical lead at the DevOps consulting company Bitlancer, the MINDBODY solution provider O2M, and Turnstyle indoor cycling studios. I’m also a student pilot and co-founder of Spread Aviation, an aviation safety education platform. I love creating products and services that solve real problems and actually help people - that’s the driving force behind all my ventures.


Technology: Amazon Web Services (AWS), MySQL/MariaDB, Chef, Puppet, Linux/Unix, Ruby, HTML, CSS, PHP

Transformation: DevOps, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), infrastructure-as-code, cloud migration, cloud automation, containerization


Bitlancer LLC (2010 to present)


Founded Bitlancer as a cloud, systems and database consulting company. Guided the company to its current focus on DevOps consulting, with an emphasis on mentoring client teams. Have helped numerous SMBs as a project manager and technology architect to implement DevOps practices, migrate applications and data to public cloud, and develop cloud automation tooling and processes. Also serve as a “virtual CTO” to manage technical projects and guide overall technical strategy.

Key Projects

  • At Premier Lacrosse League, currently manage the buildout of multiple company websites and platforms, including a statistics website powered by data exports from the league’s statistics provider.
  • At a major US commercial bank, trained over 500 software developers on the use of configuration management and automation tools in AWS, via a series of 30+ in-person, 2-day classes of 10-20 students.
  • At Localytics, automated infrastructure deployment and orchestration with tooling based on Chef and AWS.
  • At Wistia, acted as a cloud (primarily Rackspace) and Chef automation consultant. Reverse-engineered servers that had been setup manually so they could be automated and deployed with Chef. Also focused on MySQL database administration.
  • At HubSpot, worked closely with their Automation team on cloud and database architecture, automation and performance. Used Puppet to baseline and standardize thousands of Red Hat and CentOS Linux instances on Amazon EC2 and Rackspace Cloud. Managed hundreds of MySQL database instances and resolved related performance and automation issues. Implemented a central authentication and authorization system for cloud instances that utilized both OpenLDAP and 389 Directory Server.
  • At Game Show Network, helped tune and scale numerous MySQL databases and implemented an automated, scripted deployment process.

Spread Aviation (2018 to present)


A partnership with my flight instructor to improve safety awareness in general aviation by making fun, high-quality training resources available through podcasts and online learning. My role is to manage the business, drive the marketing and handle all the technical tasks.

O2M Fitness (2017 to present)


Founded O2M to productize and monetize extensions to the MINDBODY fitness and wellness booking platform. These extensions automate late cancel and no-show penalties in MINDBODY in a highly configurable manner. My current role is to manage the business, onboard customers and continue to develop the software. Also manage our customer support staff.

Turnstyle Cycle & Bootcamp (2014 to present)


Co-founded Turnstyle as a single indoor cycling studio and helped grow the business to five locations around the Boston area. Successfully leverage email marketing and software development skills to automate client communications and drive revenue. Manage our customer service staff. Have also taught indoor cycling classes since 2014.

WAMAJU LLC (2009 to 2010)


Co-founded WAMAJU and managed the infrastructure that supported multiple Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, many of which were experimental. Dissolved the company in 2010 to pursue other opportunities.

Major League Gaming (2008 to 2010)

Systems and MySQL Consultant

As a consultant through BitVenue, planned and managed a major data center migration to Rackspace dedicated servers and cloud services. Tuned and supported production MySQL instances on top of FreeBSD. Worked with the parent company (Agora Games) post-merger to help integrate the two companies.

BitVenue Networks, LLC (2007 to 2011)


Founded BitVenue Networks as a managed hosting company, supporting and managing a wide spectrum of Linux and FreeBSD infrastructure for customers in both dedicated and virtualized environments. Ran the support schedule and managed customer relationships. Our largest customers were, at the time, some highly successful Facebook apps. (2007 to 2008)

MySQL Database Administrator and Systems Administrator

Managed 25-30 production and development Red Hat and CentOS Linux servers across multiple data centers for this pioneering event and search site. Responsible for 10+ production and development MySQL database servers, including tuning, monitoring, configuration, backups, restoration, automation and troubleshooting. Developed a cross-site, scalable monitoring system using Nagios and a fully automated MySQL backup system for multiple replicated instances.

Vonage (2006 to 2007)

MySQL Database Administrator

Managed 200+ MySQL database servers, along with permissions and database architecture. Supported production environments and was regularly on call. Corrected performance issues and implemented new expandable clusters. Baselined and standardized the database environment (primarily operating system components). Setup centralized management of database groups and clusters. Created a system for regularly scheduled backups, with verification and validation. Also some work with PostgreSQL and Oracle.

Dandy Connections (2004 to 2006)

Senior Systems Engineer

Managed Linux- and BSD-based systems for this regional ISP. Implemented a groundbreaking spam filtering system that combined an OpenLDAP directory and mail relay servers linked via a custom web portal, which proved to be a service differentiator. Worked with the web development team to implement dynamic content utilizing PHP and MySQL for many clients. Helped implement and manage a high-availability documentation system and automated customer billing system. Designed customer web portal. Other tasks included writing and modifying proposals and technical support.

Stockton University (2003 to 2005)

Systems Administrator and Software Engineer

Administered numerous production FreeBSD V4 and V5 machines. Designed and implemented three production web-based systems for students, including a web portal used by all enrolled students; a campus-wide automated DHCP registration system; and a fully integrated, web-based Unix account management system. I also built a backend system to manage all these services that is still in use today.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, 2006