The Search for a New Phone

1 minute read

I’m trying to blog more. Most of my posts from now on will be technical, but a recent conversation gone haywire among my friends was too hilarious not to share with the general public.

I’m a Blackberry user. I have been for many years. Most of my friends know that. I’m a fan. Except for the battery life lately, and the lack of supported applications, and the fact that no one else actually uses them anymore, so BBM is (or at least was, until recently added to other platforms) sort of useless.

I’m always considering taking the leap onto a new platform, but never end up pulling the trigger. This week, I decided to enlist some of my close technical friends in helping me choose my next phone. It went a little like this…

Okay guys. Between the three of us. It’s time for me to get a real phone. I trust you guys. What should I get? Security is somewhat important of course.

I should have known what I was getting myself into. The following phones were quickly suggested to me as alternatives to my aging (and “ailing”) Blackberry 10:

A Western Electric model 500, both “solid, reliable, and secure”…

A Western Electric 500, courtesy of Wikipedia

Yeah, hrm. Not quite portable enough.

The next suggestion was the Inmarsat IsatPhone. Interesting, and useful on hiking trips, but I’m pretty sure that it’s a little out of my price range…

I was then led to the awesome and amazing Jitterbug Cell Phone, which was only sent to me under the notion that it’d be a step-up from my Blackberry 10. Oh, and a phone I could “really grow into…”. It’s true, it would last me ages!

Eventually, I settled on the tin can phone. Quite reliable, and I won’t have to worry about battery life! But best be careful about security.

As I continue to look into actual phone platforms, like Android and iPhone, I’ll continue to remember to be careful what I ask my friends: I just might get well-thought responses!

Happy Friday, y’all.