Why I Switched from Blackberry 10 to iPhone

2 minute read

I’m known as the king of Blackberry. I’ve had a Blackberry since I was in College. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was Blackberry’s longest customer and cheerleader.

No longer. As of today, I have an iPhone.

To be honest, Blackberry has an amazing user experience in their latest Blackberry 10 OS. Next time you’re at your wireless provider’s store, take a peek at the interface (if they still carry the phones in-store): it’s wild. I would have loved to see Blackberry 10 thrive with a full native App Store and an actual user base. But it all arrived too little, too late. Wasting time side-loading Android apps which only half work reminds me of the days when I wanted to continue to snap together my desktop from scratch even when it was way more efficient to go to Best Buy and buy one for half the price… you get the idea. Fail fast!

And that’s another thing: simplicity and efficiency. I have a way of over-complicating things. When my sister got married in California, I was the one guy who had to drive across the Country and turn it into a complex adventure. There’s a time and place for having fun along the way, but sometimes you just need to get there. I also have a history of being stubborn occasionally, though learning to admit when I’m wrong is something I’m striving to do more often. I loved the Blackberry back in the day, especially when it had the physical keyboard and push email. After a while; however, I realized I was just sticking to what I was used to, instead of actually using the phone that was going to improve my days and make me more efficient. Did I switch then? Nope. And there are tons of fellow Blackberry users who are likely just as stubborn and don’t want to admit that the thing they’ve loved for so long is fading into the sunset. Folks, it’s time.

And so the iPhone is my new life tool. It’ll make me way more efficient, and I’ll be able to spend way more time tinkering with things that actually matter. After all, I doubt I’ll look back ten years from now and wish I had spent more time trying to get Snapchat side-loaded on the Blackberry 10 with Google Play support… especially when I just installed 30 apps in under 10 minutes.

I wish Blackberry best of luck. I’ll really miss you. In the meantime, cheers to keeping life uncomplicated.